Changing the way we do good in Rotterdam.

We organise local meetups that inspire effective altruism. Through critical thinking, rationality, and compassion, we inspire participants to do the most good with their time and money.

Every second Wednesday of the month we organise engaging meetups that spark new insights about altruism. You will go away with both general knowledge and actionable steps for doing good better.

Effective Altruism Rotterdam is a local chapter of the growing, global Effective Altruism movement.

Join us at our next Meetup

Tien Procent Club Rotterdam, editie 2 on the 29th of November.

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Learn more about Effective Altruism

Introduce yourself to the ideas of Effective Altruism with a great TED Talk by Peter Singer. Or dive deeper on the official Effective Altruism website. Want to have a more local/personal perspective, then read our co-founders' page on EA on his personal website.

Find out what is happening here in The Netherlands via Effective Altruism in The Netherlands. Or go directly to Give Well to see where to donate most effectively. And finally, learn about your career choices at 80,000 hours.